This week we ask the critical question: fashion or function? Which is more important, what you wear or how you wear it? Are jeans important? Some people think so, other people don’t; shit is deep. For real guys, this is like the deepest most mind-bending argument ever, if by “deep” and “mind-bending” you mean drunk and inconsequential. In fact, Syd (who is writing this) feels the need to apologize for being so drunk at the time of this recording. This may be the drunkest argument ever, which does not help the side of function, which is the side of justice everyone. Justice = Function over Fashion. Get real America, what you wear means nothing unless it’s useful. Fanny packs for everyone? Or maybe not? Is this all really my fashion versus your fashion? Puzzle out this brain-buster and more in the next episode. And please drink a few pints before you listen; it’ll put us all on the same page (us = Syd and everyone else).

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