Is cussing lazy or does it punctuate a sentence with awesomality? Today’s argument addresses this fine point with our friends Jacob Miller and Jamie Miller, no relation. Does it make you a bad parent to cuss out your child? Is it cool for kids in Sunday School to take the Lord’s name in vain if they drop something heavy on their foot? Better yet, is the literal translation of a phrase with a cuss word in it entertaining (answer: yes)? So it kind of goes without saying that this is maybe more NSFW than normal, since we’re focusing on cuss words, and then repeating them, and then telling insanely vulgar stories about our parents (just Syd’s parents, actually). You know, if you have kids, you may not want to let them hear this, but then again, you may want to break them in to the F-Word with this podcast instead. I guess it just depends on how much you want to be on Maury. And if you’re on there, make sure you name check us, so that we can get wild popular.