The Argument is dependent upon the unlikely but long lasting friendship between Jonah O’Neil and Syd Bishop. It is in their nature to disagree: Jonah is often irresolute, while Syd is often obstinate (Jonah’s editorial note: “Jonah is open-minded, while Syd is close-minded”). The result is oil and water. Regardless, the two remain close friends and couch their arguments not in hostility, but in a mutual respect for the art of disagreement. Hence, it’s not what you say, it’s how well you can argue it.
On each episode, the two are joined by two to three guests, all of which are friends who share the same zeal for poorly debated topics for which they have had little to no preparation.

This is not their first rodeo. The Argument had a 21 episode run between 2006 – 2007. The topics ranged from the inane, “What is the Best Batmobile?” or “Is Peeing in the Shower Acceptable?”, to the relatively serious, “Should We Support the Space Program?” or “What Defines ‘Good’ or ‘Bad’ in the Arts?”. Expect for classic Argument to be periodically available for public consumption. After a three year hiatus to have children and get married, the duo are back for bi-weekly arguments covering such topics as “The social importance of Facebook?”, “Would you chose immortality?” and “Fashion vs. Function”.